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Follow our leader to the spire by theverybadman Follow our leader to the spire :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 7 2
most people prefer,
water and wine
then the water and grime
the seeps deep in broken sinks
and it still cost a dime
The day is a grind, but it seems I'm too worn out
I look back, is this how i wanted my life to turn out?
You learn fast, you cant fail once you grow old
You just forget the world and let it grow cold.
And you know
You cant quit, 'cause quitting is a thing of the past
So you lay back and hope this life wont keep kicking your ass
I don't walk, but when I do, I do it  alone
Retrace my past steps and try to see how ive grown
But it seems that ive not, I'm still filling my pocket with pott
Empty stomach and my lunges hurt a lot,
But I'm not shot, I'm beaten
but it seems that I'm not buried yet.
There's a monkey on my back but I swear I can carry it
I'm weary yet, my eyes seem to fade till there close
I can't keep myself away from my foes
but you know how it goes.
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 0 4
--I Hate Dimitri Club--
    Despite how hard it is for me to believe these days, there was a time when I was a shy, quiet person. I didn't understand people around me and so for whatever reason, they frightened me. It intimidated me how they were able to speak to one another without saying the wrong thing or dress independently and never seem to draw negative attention. I myself, was far more awkward and somewhat different.
    It was seventh grade and I was in the peek of my awkwardness. I spent every day at lunch sitting alone far away from anyone. I didn't do this to avoid them, I did this simply to watch them. It was at this time I began to hide my eyes behind tinted aviator sunglasses. I watched them and all they did was baffle me. They were in crowds of loved ones, friends and significant others and I couldn't grasp this. Ive never been close with family and never really had a close friend and never close to a relationship. My father was a quiet man. I never chang
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 1 14
Mature content
Disillusion :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 1 18
Memories outside a plane by theverybadman Memories outside a plane :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 3 1 Deck the halls with lizzards by theverybadman Deck the halls with lizzards :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 10 5 an old one by theverybadman an old one :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 1 4
Lonely droplets
Kiss me once before you leave. One more glimpse of midnight air.
Hold me once before you go, no time for lonely droplets in the rain.
Hit me once more, yell and shout, show me that you care for me.
Tell me nothing one more time, please always be there for me.
moonlight shines and moonlight fades, darkness takes the love away
Daytime burns, daytime fray's. Lonely droplets in the rain.
Hearts stay empty hearts are played, just dont be afraid of me.
Always shadows, always here, please dont run away from me.
Black eyes stare from lonely corners
Blue eyes gaze with empty smiles
Brown eyes gave up long ago
Green and grey, my curse, my guile
Kill me once before you leave. One more glimpse of midnight air
Heal me once before you go, one more droplet falls too slow
See me once before you leave, promise I wont shed a tear.
Wake me first before you leave, please done ever let me go.
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 5 5
Forever never needed us
Take my heart
Take my mind
Take freedom away from me
Leave me lost
Leave me blind
Just don't run away from me
Well never need to dream again
Never have to cry
Never have to scream again
At those who ask us why
But will you ever see again?
Did you ever learn to fly?
Were hovering in circles again
We aren't afraid of lies
Forever never needs man
Eternity dies alone
But when I die, be by my side
And know we had a home
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 4 1
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Thats why im here to provide for you a safe, and clean alternative.
Now, dont take my word for it. Listen to these satisfied customers;
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"Im just amazed at the money ive been saving, and the time spent on stopping for gas!" - Joe whosernuts
So throw away the keys. Save the license for buying beer to get the cheap women in the corner drunk. AND TRY MY PRODUCT TODAY
ask your doctor before buying, also is not recommended for people who need to travel long distance's and smokers
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 2 7
     We stood as                          shadows, atop the
  buildings that night                 We danced as angels,
across the blessed sky           Our eyes were of marble
shining in the darkness       Our bodies were figurines
We swayed under the dark moonlight Back and forth,
the metronome ticked, We danced through midnight
   Then our lips met together and time stopped
     Nothing left but the cool midnight breeze
          No pain, no anger, only each other
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 1 8
Mature content
Jesus loves you :icontheverybadman:theverybadman 3 5
Ballad of desperation
"I woke up from a dream that was real in to a reality that didn't exist. I walked through streets which weren't there and I was going to a place I didn't know. Driven by a feeling I couldn't trust.
A mild mannered beast mangles malignant meanings of masked masters and made men making monsters into monarchs and murderers in mass assembly.
These things around us are the missing sands of Egypt. Each speck of dirt another lost poem by a women who cries. Each speck hidden under a pyramid nobody wanted for a man that doesn't exist. A figurehead of hopes and dreams. Puppet on the strings of corruption and disembowelment. Time to cut the cords and watch the puppet fall.
Each footstep I take fueled by a voice that pushes me further. Ninety million letters in my head. All in fierce capitals and all spelling out the same message over and over again. Break free. Break free from the entanglement of a shirt and tie, handcuffs of silk. Break free from humanity.
2 o'clock in the morning and I'm howlin
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 3 10
I heard myself crying
I heard myself crying last night. When I asked myself why I was crying all I got was silence. I didnt even look me in the eye. I think I was scared. Scared that if I revealed it, I would think Im crazy.
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 5 5
Who killed mr moonlight
Its cold outside
But its never seemed to bother me.
I'm more chilled by the hearts around me.
I can't seem to tolerate it all anymore.
Too many lies for one life to take.
Too many eyes and not enough smiles.
Too many lips pronounce what is fake.
Enough to encourage me, to leave for a while.
Too much time spent looking at the moon.
I know there's someone up there.
And tonight, I'm going to go meet him.
Ive been packing for eighteen long years.
one bag at a time.
One shirt no one will hug me in now.
One pair of pants that no one will walk with me in now.
Two shoes I will never remove at your doorstep.
One coat that ill never lend you in the cold.
I'm very excited.
I know this man on the moon very well.
We have much in common.
We are both a secret. That no one will ever hear about.
We both seem so far away now, no one will reach us.
Its such a long distance and such a cold night.
But I've already overstayed my welcome.
So its time to say goodbye.
But me and mister moonlight have one more
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 3 8
Waiting for the sun -teaser-
The earth did not receive the body. Heaven did not receive the soul. And this world… this world did not take me in as its own or as its ally. No matter…
My mind is weary. Time and time again I try to gain insight to the things around me, yet this world moves to fast for me.
My body is tired. As a soldier who walks an empty battlefield, done with the bloodshed around him, I walk this world, done with its ways. I’m too tired to go on
My heart? I have no heart. All that was love or humanity inside me has withered away into nothing but a memory of warmer days. Days when the sun still shined upon me, and when it’s heat still gracefully soothed my skin.
It was one month ago that it happened yet I seemed so much younger then. I was untested by the world around me, and fate had not yet shown me the cruelty of the men in my mists. Yes I was a boy then, living in the false idea that the man inside me could handle any trial or tribulation which came my way. It was evening time
:icontheverybadman:theverybadman 3 4


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crimson tears
The light snow fell from the heavens and landed on her crimson gown as she lay on the cold stone of the frozen fountain for several hours, the tears freezing on her face. The cold didn't bother to her even though her gown had small sleeves that only slightly covered her shoulders. The length of the gown itself was enough to act like a blanket for her body. Her left hand held a note close to her broken heart. The fingertips of her right hand lightly toughed the thin ice of the fountain.
Her thoughts wandered through the wilderness of her mind, lost and helpless. Her eyes closed as more tears escaped through her closed lids; slowly freezing the moment they exited her eyelids. She slowly rose from her bed of snow and stone to read the note for the twentieth time. The note was written in an elegant handwriting. It looked almost feminine, with the large loops and the fancy slant. But she knew it was a male's handwriting, his handwriting. Tears stung her eyes again as she read the note.
My d
:iconvbms-little-lilly:VBMs-Little-Lilly 6 10
Bird 4 by Marayda Bird 4 :iconmarayda:Marayda 6 15 Ribbons III by AetherBunny
Mature content
Ribbons III :iconaetherbunny:AetherBunny 2 1



The gentlemen of relentless typo
Artist | Photography
The earth did not receive the body.
Heaven did not receive the soul. And this world…
This world did not take me in as its own or as its ally.
No matter…

My mind is weary. Time and time again I try to gain insight to the things around me, yet this world moves too fast for me.

My body is tired. As a soldier who walks an empty battlefield, done with the bloodshed around him, I walk this world, done with its ways. I’m too tired to go on

My heart? I have no heart. All that was love or humanity inside me has withered away into nothing but a memory of warmer days. Days when the sun still shined upon me and when it’s heat still gracefully soothed my skin.
Im not sure that i commit to sect behind a certian deity but if there is an omnipitant being, an alpha and omaga, he scares the hell out of me
constantly i find myself argueing my life decicions, scolding myself for my secular practices all in the hopes to balance out some sort of karma,
this is a terrifieing prosses, because if a deity is lingering then its standards surpass anything i hope to achieve. The mere thought of critisism and cruelty that can be deliviered by one person to another may only be the glimps
of the refinity some alpha and omega can exspect.

The only thing to put me to rest is the idea that i dont understand the direction of perfection. perhaps a godthing has the capability to ignore faults that linger in my own mind.
perhaps even if im not relegious, the idea of one good being with a reasonable succission into afterlife is something best left wondered about, instead of proven or dissproven

oh well, take nothing seriously. my words are not to be noticed in such a mannor


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